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Guide to Finishes & Plating

Fastener Plating (Finishes) Chart

Zinc Dichromate
Zinc-Plated Cap Screw
Cadmium-Plated Hex Nut
Zinc Dichromate (Yellow Zinc) Plated Cap Screw
Cadmium Dichromate
Black Zinc
Cadmium Dichromate-Plated Machine Screw
Galvanized Cap Screw
Black Zinc-Plated Machine Screw
Phosphate, Black Phosphate
Phosphate-coated Cap Screw

Plating availability based on accessible inventory. Please check for plating/finish availability by viewing our inventory, drilling down to whatever you require, with the easy-to-use Detailed Search menus on our Online Store page.

Corrosion Resistance Level; other Purposes
Zinc Zinc, electroplated Very good
Cadmium Cadmium, electroplated Very good, especially for wet environments
Zinc Dichromate Zinc Dichromate Very good to excellent
Cadmium Dichromate Cadmium Dichromate Very good to excellent
Galvanized Hot-dip Galvanized (electrochemical process) Very good
Black Zinc Zinc, electroplated Very good
Phosphate, Black Phosphate Manganese Phosphate Good
Chrome Chromium, electroplated Good. Useful against physical wear & erosion. Appearance more durable than zinc's.
Nickel Bright nickel, electroplated Good
Hot Dipped Wax Hot Dip Wax Facilitates easier driving of part; reduces galling
Phosphate & Oil Grey coating with oil bath Moderate; useful against physical wear




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